Saxton: Liberal carbon tax “nonsensical”

This week’s announcement by Prime Minister Trudeau showed how the Liberal government has chosen, yet again, to work without the provinces, and show complete disregard for our taxpayers.

At the same time as his Environment Minister was meeting with her provincial and territorial counterparts, Trudeau was laying out plans to impose a federal tax on the provinces and territories in just two years.

The Trudeau government’s assault on provincial jurisdiction was countered swiftly by numerous premiers, as it was back at the previous federal-provincial environment summit in Vancouver. This unilateral and patronizing approach is the same Liberal attitude that subjected Canada to the National Energy Program in the 80’s.

Not to mention, Trudeau’s own words during the last election were that a federal government imposed climate change plan on provinces would be “nonsensical”.

The Liberal approach is always to put more tax burden on families and small businesses. The Liberal approach is to preach cooperative federalism then push their way through against provincial and territorial opposition. The Liberal approach won’t work.

We need both the environment and the economy to flourish – and Canadians agree. But let’s not kid ourselves, to have a cleaner, greener economy, we must work together.

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